Tertiary Providers

A list of New Zealand tertiary providers, including their contact details and institutional information.

Latest Directory Update: May 2020

Description of Variables

Number Unique number assigned to each institution
Name Full name of each institution
Telephone Telephone number for each institution, including area code
Fax Facsimile number for each institution, including area code
Street Street for location address
Suburb Suburb for location address
City Town or city for location address
Postal Address 1 P O Box, Private Bag or rural delivery number for postal address
Postal Address 2 Suburb for Postal Address
Postal Address 3 Town or city for Postal Address
Postal Code Postcode used by NZ Post for Postal Address
Type Type for each institution
Definition Definition provides further descriptive information on the type of each institution
Authority Describes the ownership/operation or registration status of each educational institution
Territorial Local Authority Territorial authority means a city council or district council or district council named in the Local Government Act 2002.
Regional Council Describes the Regional Council in which each institution is located.