About Education Counts

Our Goal

The goal of Education Counts is to increase the availability and accessibility of information about education statistics and research. Education Counts can be considered a 'one-stop shop' for such information, including:

  • demographic information, specifically tailored for use in the education sector
  • contextual information, such as labour market information, for assisting with the interpretation and understanding of education information
  • reference lists, including address and service details of New Zealand's education institutions
  • statistical information, various collections of statistical information obtained through Ministry of Education processes, including data on achievement, participation, and resourcing
  • analysis of education information, including education sector indicators and detailed examination of key education themes
  • publications, such as research and evaluation, Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis, regular monitoring reports, and specialised analysis
  • pathways to other Ministry of Education, and Ministry sponsored, websites
  • technical info to support the use and interpretation of data and information, including data dictionaries, glossaries, and descriptions of analytical techniques.