Accessibility Features

Describes the accessibility features built in to the Education Counts website Education Counts' endeavours to be a highly accessible website. Its design and development specifically maximise accessibility. This site employs many features to make information more accessible, including:
  • Images and hyperlinks have text title alternatives (ALT attributes) to help describe what the image is, and where a link takes you.
  • Pages are organized to be fully functional, even with javascript turned off.
  • The site can be navigated without the use of a mouse. (see instructions below)
  • The user can skip the navigation and go straight to the main content of the page. (see instructions below)
  • All text uses relative font sizes so text can be enlarged or reduced using the text size options available in visual browsers. (see instructions below)
  • All pages use flexible page formats so pages can be automatically resized for different window sizes and screen resolutions.
  • All pages are designed with separate cascading style sheets, so they can be replaced by user-defined style sheets.
  • This site follows World Wide Web and NZ E-Government accessibility guidelines.

Using the site without a mouse

The site can be used without a mouse. The following shortcut keys will take you to commonly used pages such as the home page:
0 = Accessibility
1 = Home
2 = Site Map
3 = Site Search
4 = Indicators
5 = Topics
6 = Data Collections
7 = Statistics
8 = Publications
l  = Links
c = Contact Us

The procedure for using shortcut, or 'Access' keys, varies depending on which web browser you view the site with. The following table shows the Access Key combinations for a range of popular web browsers:

Operating SystemBrowserAccess Key Combination
PC WindowsInternet Explorer 4 and aboveALT + Access Key (to focus the link) + ENTER to activate
PC WindowsK-meleonALT + Access Key
PC WindowsMozillaALT + Shift + Access Key
PC WindowsNetscape 6 and aboveALT + Access Key
PC WindowsOpera 7SHIFT + ESC, followed by Access Key
MAC OS 9Internet Explorer 4 7 and 4.5Not supported
MAC OS 9MozillaNot supported
MAC OS 9Netscape 4Not supported
MAC OS 9OperaNot supported
MAC OS XI-Cab 2.8CONTROL + Access Key*
MAC OS XInternet Explorer 5 and 5.1CONTROL + Access Key**
MAC OS XMozillaNot supported
MAC OS XNetscape 6 and aboveCONTROL + Access Key
MAC OS XOmniWeb 4Not supported
MAC OS XOperaNot supported
MAC OS XSafariNot supported
  1. * you may need to click on the page first.
  2. ** some systems require CONTROL + COMMAND + Access Key.

Skip Navigation Link

To help those who use screen readers to access/view Education Counts we have added a skipping link to each page. This link allows the user to jump to the main content of the page, skipping the top banner links, left-hand side navigation links, and the breadcrumb links. The main content of the page is deemed to start at the top-left hand corner; directly next to the page title (usually within a summary box).

To use this option, 'Tab' twice and push 'Enter'/'Return' (the first Tab takes you to the address bar the second to the Skip Navigation Link). Alternatively you can move your cursor to the Skip Navigation Link, which is directly to the left of the Education Counts logo at the top of the page, and push 'Enter'/'Return'.

Use of text on this site

Most navigation elements are plain text and we have provided text alternatives to images on the site.Those with poor sight may be able to increase the size of the text on screen. The procedure for doing so differs from one browser to the next. The table below outlines the procedure for some popular browsers. If your browser does not appear in the table the following guidelines may be of assistance: In general, looking under the "View" selection on the main menu, you should find an option called "Text Zoom" or "Text Magnification" or "Text Size" or "Font Size". From that point it should be relatively simple to find and select an additional sub menu option that adjusts text size to your needs.
Operating SystemBrowser
PC WindowsInternet Explorer 3 and 4View > Fonts
PC WindowsInternet Explorer 5+View > Text Size
PC WindowsK-meleonView > Increase Font / Decrease Font
PC WindowsMozillaView > Increase Text Size / Decrease Text Size
PC WindowsNetscape 6View > Text Size
PC WindowsNetscape 7View > Text Zoom
PC WindowsOpera 5 and 6Use drop down menu on 'progress' bar
PC WindowsOpera 7View > Zoom
MACI-CabView > Font Size
MACInternet Explorer 4.5View > Text Size
MACInternet Explorer 5+View > Text Zoom
MACNetscape 4View > Increase/Decrease Font Size
MACNetscape 7View > Text Zoom
MACOpera 5 and 6Use drop down menu on 'progress' bar
MACOmniWeb 4Browser > Bigger Text / Smaller Text
MACSafariView > Text Size

Contact Us

If you have difficulty navigating or accessing any of the information that this site provides, contact us and we will endeavour to supply you with the information being sought and to address any technical difficulties.Please contact the Ministry via email at: