School Leaver Destinations

What happens to school leavers?

Destination of School Leavers after leaving secondary school

Indicator Description: Tertiary Education destinations of school leavers one year after leaving school.

Post-school labour-market outcomes of school-based NCEA

This report presents some basic statistics on what happens to school leavers in the first few years after school and what difference school-based NCEA makes on post-school labour market outcomes.

Yearly snapshots of participation in
post-compulsory education and training by young people 2015-2018

These intent of these graphics is to provide an indicative annual snapshot of the proportions of young people aged 16 to 24 years participating in different types of education and in work in New Zealand. They illustrate the differences in distribution of young New Zealanders through the education system and the labour market by age, ethnicity and gender at a point in time.