Reading Together® Te Pānui Ngātahi: Implementation for impact and enduring, reciprocal high trust relationships between families, whānau and schools


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Reading Together®: is a research-based and cost-effective workshop programme for parents, children, teachers and librarians. It helps parents and caregivers to support their children's reading at home more effectively.  The high impact of Reading Together® was initially demonstrated in a randomised controlled trial. Find out more about the underpinning evidence in:

School leadership and student outcomes: Identifying what works and why:

Me pounga waihoe, kia nui ake te whaihua ki ngā ākonga rerekura (katoa) – Use a collaborative inquiry and knowledge-building approach, aligning conditions within and beyond the classroom to optimise valued outcomes for all learners.Chapter 7: Creating educationally powerful connections with family, whānau and communities
Authors: Alton-Lee, A., V. Robinson, M. Hohepa and C. Lloyd (2009)
Best evidence Synthesis Iteration (BES). Wellington: Ministry of Education

The programme also supports children's affective and social development, and enhances relationships between children and parents, parents and teachers, and families and librarians.

The Programme for International Reading Literacy assessments found that "number of books at home" was a major predictor of success at school. Reading Together® ensures that schools and families are able to support children's access to, and enjoyment of meaningful text.

In 2014 a Select Committee recommended the implementation of RT across all decile 1 -5 schools.

Crucial to the impact of Reading Together® is the care taken to build trust:

New Implementation Exemplars

Exemplars from Otahuhu and Manurewa demonstrate all the work behind the scenes to ensure high trust is built with families, and successful, high impact implementation.

While these videos highlight the spirit, intent and impact of RT, they should not be seen as an alternative to adhering to the detailed workshop content, processes and sequencing. The long-term effect is leveraged through the evidence-informed implementation process explained in the Reading Together®: Workshop Leader's Handbook, associated smart tools, and other resources.

Reading Together® Te Pānui Ngātahi:

Here are quick links to the BES exemplars demonstrating critical success factors for effective implementation of Reading Together® in a school serving predominantly Pacific communities and a school serving a multi-cultural community.

BES Implementation Exemplars
Fairhaven School-Iwi Partnership
St Joseph's School Otahuhu
Manurewa Central School