Schooling Workforce

This dashboard is from the Teacher Workforce statistics page.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard can show headcount or full time teacher equivalent (FTTE) data.  This is changed by the “Display” buttons to the right of the dashboard.  By default this is set to headcount.

The buttons at the top of the dashboard control what is on the bottom axis of the graph. To filter the data use any of the Region, School or Teacher filters on the left. To switch between the filters use the buttons titled "Region", "School" and "Teacher".  By default the dashboard only shows data from the most recent year.  To select other years use the dropdown in the top left (under “Filters”).

The “Colour By” buttons to the right of the dashboard allow a second group to be displayed on the graph.

Data can be shown with or without day relief.  By default day relief is set to “No”; meaning they are not counted in the graph.  In general day relief are excluded from routine analysis because they are a casual workforce and numbers can vary depending on cover required because of sickness or other activities.  Selecting “Yes” shows only day relief data.  Select “Yes” and “No” to show regular teacher data and day relief.

You can expand the dashboard by pressing the ⤢ icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

Read the instructions (pdf 69kB) for more guidance on using the Teaching Staff dashboard.