English Medium: Student Achievement in New Zealand Information Kit

Student Achievement in New Zealand information kit provides the education sector with information about student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics where the students have been assessed in English.
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Contents: Student Achievement in NZ Information Kit

As well as presenting a snapshot of student achievement, it also draws links between achievement and attitudes, gender, ethnicity, English at home and some characteristics of the school.

  1. : Student Achievement at a Glance
    A summary of overall findings from the Student Outcomes Overview 2001-2005.
  2. : Student Outcomes Overview 2001-2005
    An overview that consolidates the findings from a range of large scale student achievement studies into one report.
  3. : Ideas for Discussion and Reflection
    Summaries of the most significant findings from the asTTle dataset and their context, as well as questions for discussion and reflection on each curriculum area: reading, writing and maths.
  4. : A Closer Look at the Findings from the asTTle Data
    In-depth reports on the asTTle data analysis for each curriculum area: reading, writing and maths.


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